Jesse is a driven, ambitious, Brooklyn-based production professional, constantly honing his craft, as well as uplifting the skills of the team around him. If there were one word to describe his approach to work, it’s “perfectionism.” Luckily for his clients, a background in live programming means he’s never missed a deadline in spite of that.

     For well over a decade, he’s consistently been in leadership roles involving larger and more demanding projects, including Primetime special programming, documentaries, and Olympics coverage. While he started his career shooting and editing music videos in a boutique production environment, he’s evolved to leading large post production teams, directing motion graphics initiatives, and keeping his hands dirty editing everything from long form, to competition/reality, commercials, promos, stylized cold opens, sizzle reels, pitches, packaged content… and (almost) everything in between.

     He has experience on set, in Post, and knows how to deal with creatives and clients from all walks. This wide-ranging experience has allowed him to concisely and effectively communicate with and get results from a broad spectrum of collaborators.